Special Grade

みえ抹茶 (緑ラベル/USAバージョン)
  • みえ抹茶 (緑ラベル/USAバージョン)
  • みえ抹茶 (緑ラベル/USAバージョン)
  • みえ抹茶 (緑ラベル/USAバージョン)

MIE Matcha (Green Label/USA version)


30 g JPY 2,000

Package size

58 mm (Dia.) × 57 mm (H)

Raw materials

Japanese green tea

Description of item

Top ceremonial quality grade Matcha
Produced in Mie prefecture
Used the Tencha whchi is made for overseas market (U.S.A.)
Matcha made by stone mill
Select and used only high theanine raw material (Tencha)

※Freight charge is not included.

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