Standard Grade

抹茶 梅
  • 抹茶 梅
  • 抹茶 梅

Matcha Ume


20g JPY 972

Package size

90 mm (Diam.) x 70 mm (High.)

Raw materials

Japanese Green Tea

Description of item

Only used a selected Ise tea = Kabusecha (Covered Green Tea) 2nd season harvest tea leaf. As processing raw material or ingredients, powdered green tea of Ise tea is a domestic market share No.1. Ise-cha Matcha and Konacha made by Kabusecha with quality has a beautiful creamy green like crystal color. The new item has been developed for European market. Tea leaf as per EU pesticide residue compliance. It is sold in tea shops in Europe.

※Freight charge is not included.

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