Casual conversation

The origin of
Mîtécha was in everyday
casual conversation

Spirit of Foreign Trade,
Challenge, Pioneer,
and Visit

The birth of Mîtécha comes from conversations in foreign languages. A business concept elaborated for several years,
all ideas bloomed in January 2014,
from a casual conversation with my longtime best friend,
a Frenchman who loves tea, while staying at his home in France.
His passion for life is all for motorcycles …,
My current passion is all for Japanese tea …,
a coincidence created by the keyword of "Passion"!
He was born in Le Mans, France, a global sanctuary place for motorsports.
I was born in Suzuka city, Mie prefecture, Japan, where there is a world-famous international racing circuit,
and at the same time, one of the major Japanese tea production areas in Japan.
The birth of our Japanese tea business as a result of many accidental gifts!One more important facotr for our company birth,a connection with an owner of a high-class tea shop in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where I visited before returning to Japan at this time, in January 2014.
In her case, her knowledge and "Passion" for fine Chinese tea.
Here too, "Passion" created a connection.
Our first official order received from her in 2014.
In May 2014, we officially established Mîté Co., Ltd. and our challenging adventure was started with "Passion".

Spirit of Foreign Trade
Origin of our organic Japanese tea

Origin of
our organic Japanese tea

first production
in Tsu city, Mie prefecture

Efforts for sustainable
organic Japanese tea

Our first tea garden for a Japanese tea development for overseas market is located in Mie prefecture, in a mountainous area with abundant nature, clear air and clean water.
In this area our first exported Japanese tea was produced and shipped to the Netherlands.
Is this fact a coincidence of necessity?
It is one of the best areas in Japan to pass the pesticide residue regulations, defined in overseas countries,
which is one of the barriers to realize exportation of Japanese tea for European countries.
As of May 2014, myself I had been lived abroad for more than 10 years, especially in different countries in Europe.
This fact is also a coincidence related to my life experience, the first exportation realized from Mie to Europe.

Spirit of Challenge

Our organic tea garden in Misugi town, Tsu city, Mie prefecture, Japan

Passionate Japanese tea

Japanese tea with passion

Overseas export expert =
Sales business model
exclusively for overseas

Established Mîté Co., Ltd. in May 2014 to develop and export Japanese tea for overseas market.
Started our business model specializing in Japanese tea export, and we keep pursuing this original ambition.
It's a very particular business model, but it is inevitable for us to complete our mission to deliver our Japanese tea with passion to foreign people.Even before the establishment of our company, we exhibited at an exhibition in Barcelona, Spain in March 2014 and started to promote our Japanese tea.

Spirit of Pioneering

Since 2014 we are participating as exhibitor in exhibitions or events all around the world more than 50 times.

Our original business model

Enthusiasm for
our original
business model

View from our
sales bases
in Yokohama

As of 2021, we have two domestic activity bases in Japan,
Suzuka city. Mie prefecture (from May 2014), and Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture (from June 2019).
Why Yokohama city?
A few minutes walk from our sales office,
you can arrive at the Yokohama port, opened on July 1, 1859 (Opened by "Ansei's opening".)(No.1 in Japan for the number of vessels entering the port.)
and also at the Yokohama port Post Office. (called as Foreign Mail Founding Bureau, first foreign mail handling post office in 1875.)
Our sales office in Yokohama is easily accessible for you to have a meeting in Japan, only within an hour by public transportation from Tokyo International Airport, Haneda Airport.We work in a place where we can feel our pioneering spirit of our motto "Produce to Export".

Spirit of Welcome and Visit

Japan Origin

Export Japanese tea directly to more than 20 countries all around the world.More than 50 differents Japanese tea items supplied by Mîté Co., Ltd. are already in sold in overseas markets.

Our presence in Italy

Italy *Video in Italian

Our presence in Taiwan

Taiwan *Video in Chinese

New "Omotenashi"
= "Hospitality"service

Creating a more relaxing space
in Mie and Miyazaki prefectures

We are preparing to create a new space to welcome our overseas customers,
where we can discuss about our Japanese tea = mîtécha, feeling more the scent of Japanese tea history.

  • Tsu City, Mie Prefecture Tea room

    Tsu city, Mie prefecture, Tea room

  • Tsu City, Mie Prefecture Tea room

    Yokkaichi city, Mie prefecture, Tea room

  • Tsu City, Mie Prefecture Tea room

    Saito city, Miyazaki prefecture, Tea space

  • Tsu City, Mie Prefecture Tea room

    Suzuka city, Mie prefecture, Tea space

Our creativity

Original item for
overseas market

New product development and its release for every year

As Japanese tea export specialist and based on our own marketing reserch work,
Japanese tea development for overseas market is one of our strengthest advantage points.

  • Ise Paper Patern design 2014

    "Ise-Katagami" = "Ise Paper Patern" design 2014

  • Ise Paper Patern design 2015

    "Ise-Katagami" = "Ise Paper Patern" design 2015

  • MÎTÉ character design 2016

    "MÎTÉ" character
    design 2016

  • Ise Paper Patern design 2017

    "Ise-Katagami" = "Ise Paper Patern" design 2017

  • Ise Paper Patern design 2018

    "Ise-Katagami" =
    "Ise Paper Patern"
    design 2018

  • Ise Paper Patern design 2019

    "Ise-Katagami" =
    "Ise Paper Patern"
    design 2019

  • Ise Paper Patern design 2019

    "Ise-Katagami" =
    "Ise Paper Patern"
    design 2019

MîTÉ Co., Ltd.