MîTÉ Traditional Japanese Paper Package Grade

極上煎茶松「みて」オリジナル 和紙(白)
  • 極上煎茶松「みて」オリジナル 和紙(白)
  • 極上煎茶松「みて」オリジナル 和紙(白)

Premium Sencha Matsu


75g / Package JPY 2,160
3g x 10 (Tea Bag) JPY 1,620

Package size

10 mm (L) × 120 mm (W) × 230 mm (H)

Raw materials

Japanese Green Tea

Description of item

Premium Sencha that has been carefully selected from among the Ise teas. With depth of flavor and clear shades of tea it has become an exceptional finished product. The new item has been developed for European market. Pesticide residue free. It is sold in tea shops in Europe. "MîTÉ" Original Traditional Japanese Paper (White) package is used.

※Freight charge is not included.

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