Special Grade

みえ抹茶 (緑ラベル/EU&USAバージョン)
  • みえ抹茶 (緑ラベル/EU&USAバージョン)
  • みえ抹茶 (緑ラベル/EU&USAバージョン)
  • みえ抹茶 (緑ラベル/EU&USAバージョン)

MIE Matcha (Green Label/EU&USA version)


30 g JPY 2,160

Package size

58 mm (Dia.) × 57 mm (H)

Raw materials

Japanese green tea

Description of item

Top ceremonial quality grade Matcha
Produced in Mie prefecture
Used the Tencha whchi is made for overseas market (EU&U.S.A.)
Matcha made by stone mill
Select and used only high theanine raw material (Tencha)

※Freight charge is not included.

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