Standard Grade

  • 特上煎茶
  • 特上煎茶
  • 特上煎茶
  • 特上煎茶

High Quality Sencha


25g (Leaf) JPY 918
50g (Leaf) JPY 1,080
3g x 7 (Tea bag) JPY 1,026

Package size

90 mm (Diam.) x 70 mm (High.)

Raw materials

Japanese Green Tea

Description of item

Luxury Sencha, only carefully selected Ise Tea from 1st harvest season tea leaf. Enjoy a deep taste of this green tea. Be particular about the preparation of its tea leaf form = appearance. The new item has been developed for European market. Pesticide residue free. It is sold in tea shops in Europe.

※Freight charge is not included.

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